:. man .: hu-man :. in this moment .: living :. kind of conscious .: choices :. towards light .: in and out :. reunion :. 2 make 1 .: which is three .: tree of life :. who is it for .: for us all? :. who are we? .: Unity? :. still in the illusion of separation? .: free will :. experience .: recreation :. beyond all dualities .: beyond all fears of not belonging :. oneness .: my wish :. my goal .:

Artist in residence on planet Earth, I live from my passions: art and sliding on snow. Born in Lausanne in 1976, I grew up in the Swiss Alps – Leysin, in constant exchange with nature. After my artistic maturity in Geneva, I travel the world, stopping wherever I am inspired; exhibiting in Switzerland, New Zealand, USA, Austria, Australia and leaving paintings in India, South Africa, Japan, Argentina and Peru.

The representation of the origin of all things is one of my main themes. Hidden in nature or amongst the ancestral peoples, the symbols that represent this origin are shown in ways so diverse and yet so similar. One of my main ways of working is to invoke a positive force or the energy of the source of All Things, and let it speak through me, trusting that what has to be shown is shown. My work is a tribute to life and its mysteries.